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Item # M80, Leica M50 and M80


Specifications  · Data with standard optics (1×objective/10× eyepieces)  · Maximum values (based on optics combination)  · Optics Carrier  · Additional Information


Microscope Type

Stereo Routine Manual Microscopes


8 : 1 manual, zoom

Working Distance

27.4 mm (achromatic 2.0×)
41.5 mm (planachromatic 1.6×)

46.0 mm (achromatic 1.6×)

65.5 mm (achromatic 1.25×)

83.4 mm (planachromatic 1.0×)

89.6 mm (achromatic 1×)

106.9 mm (planachromatic 0.8×)

114.0 mm (achromatic 0.8×)

148.0 mm (achromatic 0.63×)

188.5 mm (achromatic 0.5×)

303.0 mm (achromatic 0.32×)

Data with standard optics (1×objective/10× eyepieces)

Optical Zoom Range



309 Lp/mm

Working Distance

83.4 mm

Object Field Diameter

3.8 – 30.7 mm

Maximum values (based on optics combination)




618 Lp/mm

Visible Structural Width

0.81 µm

Numerical Aperture


Object Field Diameter 

98.0 mm

Optics Carrier

Design Principle

Multiple-coated optical system with two parallel
Beam paths and one main objective (CMO), lead-free

Specific Surface Resistivity

2×1011 Ω/mm2

Specific Surface Resistivity (Housing)

Discharge time <2 seconds from 1000V to 100V

Engageable Zoom Notches

8 switchable positions for repetitive tasks

Additional Information
Standard objective (parfocal in the objective nosepiece)
  • Leica M50: Achromatic 1×
  • Leica M80: 1× planachromat
    Additional objectives:
  • Achromatic: 0.32×, 0.5×, 0.63×, 0.8×, 1×, 1.25×, 1.6×, 2×
  • Planachromatic: 0.8×, 1×, 1.6×
    Binocular tubes, ergonomic program: Various ErgoModules®, ErgoTube® with variable viewing angle 10° – 50°
    Interpupillary distance: Variable
    Wide-field eyepieces for eyeglass wearers: 10×, 16×, 25×, 40×, with replaceable eyecups and click stop

    Modular System

    Stands, illuminators
    Transmitted light stands: For brightfield and brightfield/darkfield, high-performance base: brightfield, single-sided darkfield, with Rottermann Contrast and CCIC
    Incident light stand: Incident light base with black/white stage plate and Antishock™ feet
    Stages: Gliding stage, MATS heating stages, cup stage, rotatable polarization stage, Leica IsoPro™ mechanical stage (manual and motorized)
    Illuminators: Coldlight sources, LED3000 NVI™ and LED5000 CXI™, LED5000 MCI™, KL200 LED

    Misc. accessories
    Photography, video:
  • Leica DFC digital image capture system, various camera variants, Leica IC D,
  • Leica IC A video module
  • Various adapters for commercially available analog and digital cameras
    Image archiving, image processing: Leica Application Suite (LAS) software, consisting of basic program and various auxiliary modules
    Measurement graticules: For length measurement and counting
    Drawing tube: For both left- and right-handed users
    Discussion tube: For training and two observers


    Leica M50 and M80
    (PDF, 561KB)

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