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Item # MZ10 F, Leica MZ10 F Microscope


Specifications  · Additional Information


Microscope Type

Stereo Fluorescence Microscopes

Zoom Ratio


Optics Carrier Magnification

0.8× – 8×

Design Principle

Common Main Objective (CMO) optical system

Standard Magnification

8× – 80× (10x eyepieces + 1.0× objective)

Standard Objective

Planapochromatic objective 1.0× (NA = 0.125)


Beam Path, adapts automatically (via zoom) to
Field of View (FOV)

TrippleBeam™ – 3rd (separate) illumination

Filter Changer

FLUOIII™ – 4 position, manual

Illumination Control

Manual excitation shutter

FOV Diameter (max/min)

131 – 1.31 mm

Resolution (max)


Numerical Aperture (max)


Ratch Positions

1 / 1.6 / 2 / 2.5 / 3.2 / 4 / 5 / 6.3

Additional Information
Biotechnology and Medical Applications

Anatomy: Monitoring capillary flow
Biology: Researching gene expression in chicken embryos, fruit flies, threadworms, zebrafish, fish otoliths marked with alizarin red
Genetics: Detecting cellular and protein expression; sorting and dissection; monitoring developmental processes
Biomedicine: Viewing pneumatic seals on pacemakers
Neurology: Viewing gap junctions on muscles and nerves
Ophthalmology: Studying cell development in rat eyes
Pharmacology: Drug development; spotting ELI in cell structures; monitoring capillary flow with FITC
Parasitology: Detecting bacteria on ticks
Agronomy: Researching seeds, genetic expression, transgenics, and bacteria recognition
Botany: Studying plant cells, plant surfaces, soil samples, and parasites
Hydrology: Evaluating water quality (bacterial and other pollutants), filtered water, and cell structures in and on a filter membrane
Forestry: Developing environmentally-acceptable methods of pest control (investigating viruses on pests)

Industrial Applications

Electronics: Inspecting solder paste on SMDs, epoxy resin on SMD plates, luminescent coatings on TV monitor tubes, and quality of polymer castings for embedding integrated circuits
Semiconductors: Inspecting for foreign particles and photo resists
Oils: Examining organic and inorganic oils
Polymers: Detecting foreign particles; identifying non-polymerized parts; examining beads (polymer pellets used in chemical measurements and analyses)
Engineering: Inspecting cemented areas on mechanical or optical components
Metalworking: Detecting cracks and surface defects, contamination on components, industrial quality control of welds, and fracture analysis
Materials Science: Inspecting cracks, fractures, welds, carbon bonding materials, fractures, and orientation of carbon fiber
Bitumen: Performing quality control for tar and bitumen
Concrete: Inspecting for cracks and pores
Papermaking: Inspecting paper fiber coating; checking for inclusions
Forensics: Investigating textile fibers, body fluids, fingerprints, bank notes, and forgeries
Art Restoration: Detecting pigments and investigating forgeries
Gemology: Evaluating quality, value, and inclusions


Leica MZ10 F Microscope
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