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All Categories > Microscope Manufacturer > Leica Microscopes > Binocular Educational Microscopes > Item # DM750 P  
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Item # DM750 P, Leica DM750 P Educational Microscope



Microscope Type

Trinocular Microscopes

Separate Eyepiece

10x/20 (20mm Field of View)
30mm mounting diameter

Available fixed or focusing

Crosshair eyepiece with 45° marks, scale, and orientation feature

Focusing eyepieces with reticle holder for 21mm reticle

Foldable eyeguards

High eyepoint

Viewing Tubes for Separate Eyepieces

Maximum field of view 20mm
Leica tube dovetail standard

Eyepiece locking screw on left eyetube

Interpupillary distance range 52mm – 75mm

30° Pol binocular & trinocular tube with slot for alignment

90° and 45° orientation feature on right eyetube for crosshair eyepiece


4 position centerable nosepieces
External fuses

ISO Compensator position above nosepieces

Knurled nosepieces

Pin in stand for alignment of pol viewing tubes

Stand construction – die cast aluminium

Stand shape protects controls


Cord wrap
Detent attachment for compensator storage

Magnetic attachment for objective centering tool storage

Storage positions in A/B Modules for 2 compensators and objective centering tools

Undercut in front of stand

Vertical cord attachment to stand

Vertical handle


HI Plan Pol for FOV 20
Infinity Platform

M25 nosepiece thread

Objective labeling laser engraved


Point counting and non point counting mechanical stages (stage travel 30mm x 40mm)


Large 178mm circular diameter stage surface
Hard anodized stage surface

Brake for securing rotation location

Laser engraved stage calibration in 1 degree increments

Verniers on two sides to 0.1 degree


Magnification labels on condenser
Centerable and focusable condenser mount

Standard Leica condenser mount for condensers (Abbe, Turret, Flip top, etc.)

Slot in condenser for contrast sliders (Darkfield, Compensator)


Low position focus controls
Self adjusting focus mechanism

300 microns per fine focus rotation

Calibrated in 3 micron increments

Weighted focus knobs


35 Watt Halogen lamp, 2000 hour lamp life
Available with adjustable Koehler field diaphragm as standard

Continuous intensity adjustment

Illumination enough for viewing at lowest intensity


Trinocular tubes available (50%/50% light split)
C mount adapters with standard Leica mount

Intermediate Modules

15mm Flat top module
Module for LSF Reflected Light Illuminator

Analyzer/Bertrand Lens Modules

Advanced A/B Module with focusing Bertrand Lens and pin for viewing tube alignment
Analyzer module with pin for viewing tube alignment

Basic A/B module with pin for viewing tube alignment


Anti Microbial Treatment

Reflected Light

Advanced illuminator with aperture and field diaphragms
Basic illuminator

Selection of cubes for Brightfield, Polarized Light, Bertrand Lens

Selection of fluorescence cubes with a variety of specifications





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