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Leica Microscopes

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Leica BME

Monocular Compound Microscopes

Leica BME Compound Microscope System

Digital Microscopes

Leica DMD108 Digital Microimaging Device

Binocular Educational Microscopes

Leica DM500 Educational Microscope · Leica DM750 Educational Microscope · Leica DM750 P Educational Microscope · Leica E Series Microscope (5)

Inverted Microscopes

Leica DM IL LED Microscope (2)
Leica Polarization

Polarizing Microscopes

Leica DM Polarizing Microscope (3)

Stereo Microscopes

Leica EZ5 Series Microscope · Leica M125, M165 FC and M205 (FA,C,A) Microscope (5) · Leica MacroFluo™ Microscope (2) · Leica MZ10 F Microscope · Leica StereoZoom® (6) · Leica M50 and M80 (2)
Leica DM

Leica DM Uniquely Ergonomic System Microscopes

Leica LED2000/LED2500

Leica LED2000/LED2500 Powerful Illumination Stands for Stereomicroscopes

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